A little intro

I often share my views on human intelligence, anatomical discussions on emotions and the connection of our “second brain” with our trust scale.

Emotions, data and trust. How are these three interrelated in the informational and real worlds?

The laws of physics and seconding information theory must be used by the entrepreneurs of this century, as Elon Musk puts it.

It’s also possible that clever statistical analysis and predictions can be made. It all depends on how rational or illogical we are in our quest for excellence through AI and Data.

More about me and data emotions here and on my social pages.

Your wall is not different to a Magazine cover, appear as many times as you seem worthy, and be a passionate believer.

Data clinics and everything else

Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan is a writer, and data doctor based in London. Publishing weekly data stories, especially on the emotionless data waste.

Time to make sense of the new gold – data, by governing emotions, so that you or your brand can flourish while accepting your authenticity.

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