Young Innovators (Start-ups)

What a lovely weekend! England has reached the semi-final of euro2020, as there is every chance of #ItsComingHome. More good newsYoung people can apply for an award to make their business idea a reality, including a grant for £5,000, a living allowance, and tailored business support. Help availableIf you are a young innovator (18-30 years old),Continue reading “Young Innovators (Start-ups)”

Fathers Day 2021: What can you learn from your father?

We all have different experiences with our parents and how they raised us. Therefore, it is essential to understand what you can learn from each parent to succeed in life. For example, your mom may give you advice on relationships, while your dad might teach you about sports or cooking. There is no one wayContinue reading “Fathers Day 2021: What can you learn from your father?”

Web 3.0 Data Model – Maximum Visibility

Would you like to know the secret behind how some of the most successful entrepreneurs are able to engage with their audience? It’s a simple strategy that can be used by any online entrepreneur. It is called “Web 3.0 Data Model” and it allows you to reach thousands of people every day without having toContinue reading “Web 3.0 Data Model – Maximum Visibility”

Freelancers and Data – UK/Pakistan

We are academically studying the freelance market in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and other emerging nations. The workforce policy while meeting supply and demands in the United Kingdom. Talent Hunting – Paid pilot research data experiments. New knowledge introduces new theories, all theories are based on hypothesis; however, with the arrival of data and theContinue reading “Freelancers and Data – UK/Pakistan”

Ease After Hard-work – Be The Voice Of Reasoning And Logic

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In the Christian calendar, described as 30/09/1442. This whole month, Muslims worldwide do not eat or drink during the hours of sunrise and sunset. In the west, approximately 18-19 hours of no intake to your stomach. However, in the hot countries and particularly developing world theContinue reading “Ease After Hard-work – Be The Voice Of Reasoning And Logic”

The Conscious Journey in Competitive Journalism Supported by Data Stories

82% of the world distrusts the media, as per Trust Barometer. The introduction of fake news, inappropriate references, and poor content has fueled the disbelieve. Journalism is a sacred duty. It comes with a mixed box of surprises that mainly revolves around fame and opinion. As the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffet would say, “TheContinue reading “The Conscious Journey in Competitive Journalism Supported by Data Stories”

The Immediate Need For Grants Tokens for Innovative Businesses Using Blockchain

Imagine combining the power of blockchain and the fundraising game through ICOs (tokenised and non-tokenised) or crypto-currency. The purpose of grants token is to back an innovative idea that could potentially adopt a tangible shape not in years but in months. Innovation supported through grants token – more on this through GBC (Global Blockchain Consortium).

Press Release April 2021: Bluecoin

A few things about fake ICOs and crypto-currency coins. Those of you who are not aware of crypto-currency. A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored on the distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain. On the exercise scale, imagineContinue reading “Press Release April 2021: Bluecoin”

Politicians and Data: Relevant challenges and endless opportunities

“World will become most beautiful place to live in when we are good judge for our mistakes, and good lawyers for the mistakes of others” Paulo Coelho one frame does not fit all. The above photo showing two Pakistanis on the most prestigious print media — Times Maganize. The cover is usually a slot dedicatedContinue reading “Politicians and Data: Relevant challenges and endless opportunities”


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