6 Data Leadership Challenges


We are not data ready; the unpreparedness is so ever evident and visible. There is a complete disorder and disfunction while dealing with data problems. The app-centric inclination strategies are fuelling this up, along with vision conflicts. But whatever is meant to happen, will transpire irrespective of our reactions. Hence why, 88% of high exec see disruption as a red alert. We have seen disruption on a scale.

It did not take satoshi long to cross the trillion-dollar mark. I mean, the blockchain revolution. The world is becoming a fair field, where no one has an advantage over the others.  The sad fact is, we are still far behind, and organisations that ignore the data-centric approach will continue to suffer.  The fall and rise will continue it is a natural process.

Organisational Challenges

When organisations are challenged on data strategies, they come up with genial comments.

congenial comments list { 😊}  
We are going digital
We are looking into big data
Buying new shiny software
Data governance introduction
Introducing some architectural changes
New amazing CRM or ERP being built
Data management infrastructure
New state of the art storage facility

And the most famous line from data leaders
Data people or IT will sort this out.

We are not data ready

The above is sad news, but what can you tell a “lion” who is lost in Walmart’s superstore. The basket might be full of unnecessary things, or the lion is clueless and comes out empty-handed.

When it comes to technology, humans are not different. The leaders could potentially be classed as lions. I must say before you decide to jump onto a data superstore, ensure that your shopping list is not a waste. Do not produce or buy, which you are not going to utilize.

Imagine, you have recently passed your driving test, and were asked by a friend to drive 100+ MPH, you would think twice about whether to accept or deny the challenge. The response will depend on the experience of the driver and most probably on his or her age. Because we carry strong emotional intelligence which summarises and disciplines our reaction to certain situations.

When leaders are challenged, they investigate the problem with two spectacles (i) the problem frame and (ii) the emotional intelligence (experience frame).

Unfortunately, we no longer have the time to investigate important affairs of our lives. Hence why we rely on external entities for our survival. The full episode covers the above aspect on the data leadership subject.




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