A lousy cat deserves a rotten rat.

Pakistan in 2022

Most people would agree with the above claim, but they’d still want a nice meal for their cat. After all, our feline friends are part of the family, and we want them to have the best of everything.

You may lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

unknown proverb

I leave it to all Pakistanis to choose who is who. The talk in the town is ONE person(@ImranKhanPTI) or ONE party (#PTI) against all the odds, including the State and Judiciary.

He will behave and act differently from tomorrow. The Parliament rejects Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The nation is also questioning the functioning of Parliament and Supreme Court judgements, including the establishment of the Armed Forces.

I’m merely hoping that when Imran Khan comes out with an explanation, he’ll give one. How can he convince the country of his truthfulness on the whole affairs during his time in the office, and whether he remains committed to pursuing his cause to fight injustice and corruption in the country and recovering the struggling economy?

In a nutshell, one individual against all and the country is divided between sadness and jubilant factions.

The nation is unfortunate and divided.

If the whole of Pakistan is in tears and confused, particularly PTI followers who are in deep sadness, then don’t forget Imran Khan is the saddest Pakistani at this moment.

To cheer him up a little:

Skipper, you have put up a great fight in this never-ending test match, but I’m afraid AN innings and ten wickets have beaten you. It’s probably time to assess your strengths and create a stronger squad next time, but I’m sure you’ll come back and win. You still have a lot of work ahead of you as many Pakistanis, including me, look up to you as our only hope in this dark hour. May Allah be on the side of true believers.

Pakistani Citizens, 

You should ask yourself and Imran Khan why do you trust him? But please stop judging someone who is fixing our problems. Imran Khan has to exhibit dedication and honesty to persuade his followers.

How should we behave when sensitive institutions such as Judiciary and Amry come up to the discussion?

An extract from Ghani Khan Book – The Pathan.

Thought is an expression of prejudice. Inspiration is above prejudice and, therefore, above thought. Prejudice and bias are mother’s milk to man. The sooner you admit it, the better. When I see a judge of the High Court, with his serious face and his noble wig, dispensing ” unbiased justice,” I always want to laugh. No. I won’t do that.

The Pathan – Ghani Khan.

My advice to all Pakistanis is to avoid another conflict in the form of a fight with the Supreme Court or potentially the Pakistani Army.

Everyone needs to be clear about their limits. However, if an organisation is riven with in-fighting, the flames should not spread to other dynamics of the country.

In times of disaster, no one is trusted by default.

Imran Khan Infamous Removal from office

If Imran Khan is the first prime minister to be removed by a no-confidence motion, Pakistan’s history will have only had one other instance. Then, if that’s the case, the incoming administration will have the most diverse cabinet in our history.

Political Parties (United Opposition of Yesterday)

Incoming Government 
  • Independent.
  • Pakistan Muslim League (N)
  • Pakistan Peoples Party.
  • National Awami Party.
  • Awami National Party.
  • Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
  • Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal.
  • Pakistan National Alliance.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and allies

This is another significant occasion in Pakistan’s history, and we can expect to see a wide range of personalities (representing different parties) at the power station.

Should Two-Way Merge Be Encouraged by the Political Parties?

Another question comes to mind. Should small parties merge into large parties by making one solid platform for leading the government?

What Should Imran Khan Do Now? 

Imran Khan should invite all the pro-forces including politicians to join hands with him and then an immediate 10-point plan should be developed to hold the government accountable for current incomplete projects. They should be flexible enough to allow the new administration time to take control of the situation with good intentions for the people. Make life difficult for them if they go off track in a polite and non-urgent manner.

What Should The Incoming Govt Do?

Perform and represent the country better than Imran Khan. Prepare to be modest, and don’t disguise your genuine enthusiasm for making a difference and doing it better than those who have gone before you.

It’s an excellent opportunity to turn temporary friendship into permanent by creating a political party incorporating all elements (as previously said), offering Imran Khan’s PTI an intense fight on critical issues, and providing convincing answers to the nation.

The Future Generation

The current political scenario will have a long-term negative influence on Pakistani youth. I will not be shocked if many experienced and affluent parents, particularly those raising a young child, decide to revisit their long-term nook. I have already heard the news that many started packing toward the West.

I have also witnessed calls for not sending money to Pakistan and mainly through Banks. There is a lot of hatred in the air, which has destroyed Pakistan’s reputation. People have given up their nationalities and ripped off their passports. Those who can not leave the country will suffer due to current instability and confusion.

Two Wrongs Does NOT make ONE Right.

Please do not attract or introduce new wrongs. We had enough of them. Kindly do not stop good on the outcome of Parliament. We have seen no Prime Minister ever complete their term in office. 

Do not stop working hard for your nation. If you have won today, make tomorrow happier by striving for your passion. Be more enthusiastic and committed tomorrow, do not lose your focus and never stop working by making Pakistan great again.

Pakistani Army Volunteering as a Third Political Party? 

However, Pakistan’s Armed Forces have displayed great resolve by maintaining a neutral position, and I am confident they will continue to remain genuinely impartial in democratic affairs.

It’s probably the most fantastic time for Pakistan’s military to establish an academy to groom future Pakistani political leadership. Unfortunately, this mechanism is rapidly deteriorating and failing, so someone must repair the sinking ship that is our motherland and beloved Pakistan.

Parliament Representation For Retired Politically Motivated Officers 

The stage is elementary. And it is probably enticing for Pakistan Army to interfere yet again. Just like a responsible organisation, all their fairs and worries are understandable. 

Is there a possibility of assigning responsibility to the Pakistan Armed Forces to bring order to the Parliament so that a ruling prime minister can deliver on the promises they made to the nation and complete their terms and appear in the next elections?

I’ve attempted to depict what’s going on today through a loose sketch of contemporary events. Pakistan isn’t simply another country. People have high hopes for yesterday’s government (Imran Khan), the united opposition, and Pakistan’s Armed Forces. At the same time, the justice system can remain in question today. 

Why it is so hard to write new laws?

Elon Musk
Finally, a few thoughts on Divided Pakistani Media 

Are you guys generating money? If that’s the case, you’ve done your job.

You are in the wrong line of work if you are not making money in the age of fake news, planted interviews, fraudulent tricksters, and half-cooked breaking news.

I can honestly state that the rules regulating news media are pretty lax in Pakistan. Is there any editorial board or content strategy to offer independent feedback to your audience? I bet none.

Is it also possible to criticise your ethical values? 

Do you offer your pen, voice, image, or reputation to anti-state groups? Or to the state by concealing the truth from ordinary people?

A lousy cat deserves a rotten rat.

I leave this to the readers to decide who is the lousy cat and the rotten rat? But please do not exclude yourself from the above phrase. 






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    بہترین تجزیہ موجود ہ حالات کے کےبارے میں۔ لیکن فوج کیلئے سیٹوں مختص کرنے سے اختلاف ہے۔ھماری کمزور جمہور کیلئے تباہ کن ہوگا۔صدیوں کی غلامی نے ہم سے افتخار چین لیا ہے وقت بہت اھم ہےاور قوم کے حیثیت سے ابھی ہم نوزائیدہ ہے

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