Butterflies in my stomach

Emotions are personal commodity. A data package, where mind and body response to various interactions with an external force.

A day to God is a thousand years,
Men walk around with a thousand fears.
The true joy of love brings a thousand tears,
In the world of desire, there’s a thousand stars.


There is no fixed scale to translate these interactions or experiences. Carrying the banners of freedom of expression, a cap will not be wise. However, education can be used as a tool, while addressing these blackholes. Especially those, affecting our body and mind equilibrium.

Language is a fine tool. Poets are quick while detecting these undefined waves in the air, which are associated with our emotions or the emotions of society or their personal journey, whatever order, poetry tend to do well while translating emotions into text.

Through literature, we come to terms while chasing the unknown. I wonder, when you read a book, where you find yourself very connected, or even sometimes, one wonder, that these ideas were in my brain. Suddenly, an emotion of displeasure require explanation. The answer is very simple, the world does not wait for the later comers. First come first serve, because we are uniquely copyrighted our own self. There are no dual indemnities, there is only one you.

The expression “butterflies in my stomach”, is no less than a query to a complex and large dataset. This is a perfect illustration of some of the complex psychological feelings and energy our brain generate. That is why, we use this expression when we feel nervous, anxious or excited.

The later three, makes a complex environment, the scale is only known to our body and our gut feelings. The expressions are just a mere tool that is used by our intelligence and body to release the energy which our emotions carry in a commonly complimentary relationship.

There are many participants in this relationship. Translation of our emotions into data is one of them. We carry emotions around our memory, irrespective of its physical or non-physical form. The brain is one of a super computer with unlimited storage. Probably, not many have even utilised the 1% capacity of the emotions we hold in our mind and body.

The Second Brain?

Oh, there are a million names for this heading.

There are good explanation our brain in the study of anatomy. The purpose of any thought provoking text should not be assembled on the invalidation of existing knowledge. The denial is a difficult road. We are already exhausted in the emotionless data streams.

If you were given a choice between your body and brain, which side would you chose? and why?

Data Doc30

Body without brain is a sheer toy. Medical explanation to our second brain is referenced as “nervous system”. A network of neurons wired throughout our body. A toy networked with complex wirings runs through out our body.

But for a few minutes, if we come out of what they said, when and why. Literally, adopting a neutral perspective on the subject. Asking this one simple question, with a neutral mind – in other words, stable emotions.

What is the driving force behind your body and mind? Recognise, we are not referring to the external world, the subject is you and your mind.

Data Doc30

We will always struggle to understand the person behind our body, or perhaps behind our brain. Potentially, it could be the second brain, or may be our soul? Who knows!

Why not thinking of the above, and try finding the answer? If the answer is that you came back empty, then something is missing, isn’t it?

Because, this something hold the equilibrium of our emotions. A tiny dis-equation disturb the order. The order is often translated with an expression as “butterflies in my stomach”

Our emotions are as complex as our brain. This put us in a temperamental Idiosyncrasy. A state which only the beholder truly understand. Data will always fall short to interpret. Unless, the emotions are consistently entertained and repaired.

Humans survive on repair. Why don’t you call your butterflies and have a conversation. Ensure the conversation is themed on repair and glory. The second brain or “the soul”, we carry along our physical body. This part of our complex human system is a data judge. The data we hold in our memories.

Establish regular meetings with your data judge. Judge and data do not lie. Accept yourself, calm down your butterflies and listen to your second brain, with an open heart. That is when, true emotions are transferred into your identity and brand.






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