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  • The new spark of expression

    If you pay attention to the darkness, you will never find the light.  This is one of the therapies which psychiatrists will prescribe to people who are struggling with negative thoughts. A contented person, with reasonable intelligence should review, both negative and positive thoughts.  If you pay attention to the darkness, you will never find […]

  • The Conscious Journey in Competitive Journalism Supported by Data Stories

    82% of the world distrusts the media, as per Trust Barometer. The introduction of fake news, inappropriate references, and poor content has fueled the disbelieve. Journalism is a sacred duty. It comes with a mixed box of surprises that mainly revolves around fame and opinion. As the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffet would say, “The […]

  • The Immediate Need For Grants Tokens for Innovative Businesses Using Blockchain

    Imagine combining the power of blockchain and the fundraising game through ICOs (tokenised and non-tokenised) or crypto-currency. The purpose of grants token is to back an innovative idea that could potentially adopt a tangible shape not in years but in months. Innovation supported through grants token – more on this through GBC (Global Blockchain Consortium).

  • Press Release April 2021: Bluecoin

    A few things about fake ICOs and crypto-currency coins. Those of you who are not aware of crypto-currency. A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored on the distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain. On the exercise scale, imagine […]

  • Politicians and Data: Relevant challenges and endless opportunities

    “World will become most beautiful place to live in when we are good judge for our mistakes, and good lawyers for the mistakes of others” Paulo Coelho one frame does not fit all. The above photo showing two Pakistanis on the most prestigious print media — Times Maganize. The cover is usually a slot dedicated […]

  • 6 Data Leadership Challenges

    We are not data ready; the unpreparedness is so ever evident and visible. There is a complete disorder and disfunction while dealing with data problems. The app-centric inclination strategies are fuelling this up, along with vision conflicts. But whatever is meant to happen, will transpire irrespective of our reactions. Hence why, 88% of high exec […]

  • How Charities Can Armour Data Emotions Ability In The Digital?

    Charities functions just like corporates. They too are dependent on digital channels. Digital makes a perfect medium for conveying stories on the social and important causes. As people spend more time in the digital, it is a perfect season to frame your causes and stories. Let the world know of the values and great causes […]

  • Butterflies in my stomach

    Emotions are personal commodity. A data package, where mind and body response to various interactions with an external force. A day to God is a thousand years, Men walk around with a thousand fears. The true joy of love brings a thousand tears, In the world of desire, there’s a thousand stars. unknown There is […]

  • Copyright (Intellectual Property)

    In December, 2014, when I was submitting my doctorate thesis. There was only one fear and the fear of failure. When you put your heart and soul to the unknown and that too for a good 5 years. The thought of failure will kill you irrespective of the outcome. On the day of viva, when […]

  • The world of value!

    Psychology – may be self awareness! old clothes, poor friends, simple living, old mom and dad – these can not be converted into a financial asset in other words into a currency. Data Doc I do not know any scale or tool which can perfectly convert “love”, “happiness”, “being sad” etc. into a financial commodity […]