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In December, 2014, when I was submitting my doctorate thesis. There was only one fear and the fear of failure. When you put your heart and soul to the unknown and that too for a good 5 years. The thought of failure will kill you irrespective of the outcome.

On the day of viva, when my research final interview was conducted by two examiners, along with a chairman and a project manager.

On the other side of the table, it was myself (briefly joined by my amazing mentor). In a newly constructed building, with posh furniture and equipment, but who was paying attention those 🙂

It took university 9 months to appoint these examiners, may be due the fact, my area was innovative or could possibly be other reason.

During the waiting period, I was in Bournemouth with professor (my second supervisor). Professor suggested something which probably is not a common practice in academia, as the journey itself is quite daunting and any extension really goes against the motivation of the participants.

But Hey,

The activity was themed on producing 200 questions from my thesis as if someone is critically examining the work. With addition of another 100 questions by professor. The additional document which came into being through the above experiment, become a 200 page document where I got sufficient and relevant subjects from the long version.

Copyright yourself in the form a book, and keep repeating the same content every day, every moment. Because, you have treasured your knowledge for the future generation, while you are alive, you are preaching the teachings.

Data Doc30

In short, summarising 5 years research into a shorter version of my thesis, and that too from a critical perspective. The same principles goes against any trade or business practice. It is never too late in analysing, yourself and your brand, from a critical perspective rather than focusing on the worries which do not exists.

I talked so much on that day, I lost my voice and was unable to attend congratulatory calls. Probably, that was also the reason, that the later chapters of my thesis were not robustly critiqued lol

The emotions which I shared through my broken voice, were an art. I wish I could have the same feelings again and again. The world hold a special place for you. The shift is so unbalance, that some people consumer their lives in conveying a message, while other just tweet and the world react to it.

Use minimum words, exchange within 30 minutes of introduction.

The long text is for philosophers. People are so disconnected that we can not distinguish between black and white. The fear of fake is upon us!

Data Doc30

I was naturally flowing with the conversation and confident on the amount of content I produced to talk and defend my work. The best trade craft which I learnt was, how new knowledge can be created while making existing knowledge as foundation.

We can not ignore some worries and especially those around creative contribution. Remember, the power is not in your thesis or your work, it is the journey, the learnings and many experiences you have acquired while perusing your dreams.

Thought is an expression of prejudice. Inspiration is above prejudice and therefore above thought. Pre­judice and bias is mother’s milk to man. The sooner you admit it the better. When I see a judge of the High Court, with his serious face and his noble wig, dispensing “unbiased justice,” I always want to laugh. No. I won’t do that. I am a Pathan d must be honest, so I will frankly admit that I am prejudiced in favour of my people. Indeed I would hate myself if I were net.

Khan Abdul Ghani Khan (1914-1996) – The Pathan

Ghani Khan’s philosophy is complicated simplicity. The complications are not easy to remove, but we can stay simple.

Don’t allow others to judge your work or journey, as long as your sole purpose is creative contribution without harming anyone else.

Don’t be quite continue to produce content. As long as you are on a true mission of improving lives and be a person of value, then you are naturally copyrighted.

My doctorate journey was very joyful, and no wonder, the company is far more important than the journey. I was the concluding remark of my amazing supervisor(accepted another challenge in academia). I immensely admire all the outstanding people who were in my company, while I was pursuing my copyright dream 🙂

Anything you say, produce or commercially execute is 100% copyrighted to you, because no one else is doing exactly the same as you have envisioned for yourself. There is only ONE version of YOU exist in the whole world. You are as copyrighted as the above art I sketched through a pencil. Your hard-work and emotions are protecting it.

No one is carrying the same voice or even the ascent. Hence why, who you are, you are safely 100% copyrighted to yourself, all you need to do, explore which continents you wish to register your copyright.

Be a person of value and play fair.

Play fair, be prepared for others to play dirty, and don’t let them drag you into the mud.

Richard Branson
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