Data Freelancers – UK/Pakistan

We are academically studying the freelance market in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and other emerging nations. The workforce policy while meeting supply and demands in the United Kingdom.

Talent Hunting – Paid pilot research data experiments.

New knowledge introduces new theories, all theories are based on hypotheses; however, with the arrival of data and the vast capability of artificial intelligence, arguments supported through small data-centric experiments will assist in the innovation journey.

Life is an art, draw your lines carefully and scientifically

Digital and particularly the existing natural disaster has changed our approach to life. E-learning has given a new meaning to distance learning education models. We are on a journey by bridging the skill gaps and actively participating in knowledge transfer programs, mainly P.hDs. However, we wish to engage with content writers (published elsewhere digitally), python codes, data scrapers, data loggers (particularly weblogging (tracking user journey on websites and apps) and other full-stack developers. If you are good at UI tools such as Figma and HTML/CSS experience, we might have work for you.

We are also recruiting the same skillset in the United Kingdom while giving an international experience to both communities. We are on a mission of creating data stories in the digital. Come and say ‘hi’ and participate for a better chance. Be part of the data team and send your CV with a brief introduction. Participate in a data change. Please send your CV to the admin team at hello ‘at’ wajidkhan info subject line from above






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