The world of value!

Psychology – may be self awareness!

old clothes, poor friends, simple living, old mom and dad – these can not be converted into a financial asset in other words into a currency.

Data Doc

I do not know any scale or tool which can perfectly convert “love”, “happiness”, “being sad” etc. into a financial commodity or asset.

If you consider yourself a king, a hardworking true genuine being, then you do not require any copyright or financial asset conversion. Your worth or the worth of your products is a mere coincidence of sharing your emotions in the creative bubble.

Data Doc

Make friends, impact lives through your innovation and the unimaginable copyrighted content you hold in your brain. Produce and make a positive change through your ideas and products.

The only reason of your existence, to help yourself and as many in bringing a positive change. Exchange value as it is necessary to play your role in an open society as a contributor.

As much as you are eager to conquer the world, don’t forget that

Trade is the insurance policy of our survival. Exchange with trust and without wasting time. A perfect exchange should not take more than 30 minutes. Make an impact within the first 30 minutes of the introduction. As our predecessors, would enjoy the new food later, once they have exchanged value, and that too in 30 minutes of the introduction.

Data Doc

Work on your ideas, work on yourself, as no matter how hard you work, as long as your emotions are not associated with your brand, your brand is just another 9 to 5. A boring scene.

Be a man of value, making bigger and positive impact. Exchange without value is unethical and probably criminal exercise, make sure you know your worth before you reach for validation.

When it comes to emotions, I believe everyone is a data scientist. Ensure that you have started documenting your data with emotions, and that too of yourself or your brand – which in reality carrying your emotions.

Remember, do not create emotionless data, any content without emotion is spam.

Wajid Khan is a data emotion doc based in London. Sign up for free weekly data stories especially on the emotionless data use, time to make sense of the new gold – data. Load your brand with true emotions.

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