How Charities Can Armour Data Emotions Ability In The Digital?

Charities functions just like corporates. They too are dependent on digital channels. Digital makes a perfect medium for conveying stories on the social and important causes. As people spend more time in the digital, it is a perfect season to frame your causes and stories. Let the world know of the values and great causes you are promoting.

Digital frustrations

Tools and mediums in the digital are open for everyone. For instance, big players such as Google and Facebook provide grants for charity promotion. These grants are available through monthly credit into your advertising account. The marketing spend credit is a non-repayable grant. Imagine the power of 10K+ new donors interested in your causes, and that too every month. Your charity could potentially use this ONE medium for conveying a consistent message, filled of emotions. Google Grants Link

The common phrase in the corporate world when expressing frustration. I have a keen appreciation for the irony of fate!

“Each one worse than the next”.


At that moment, you are carrying negative emotions to the next activity. It is necessary, to acknowledge there is a thin line between our inabilities and expectations.

Data does not lie. It does not discriminate. The reality is, data doesn’t know race. Data is just digits, holding parts of our emotions. For example, our Facebook or Instagram account or LinkedIn. We store our personal emotions as we keep our money in the bank.

The mojo is trust two things. God, and our data full of emotions.

Data Doc30

Emotions are clever they chose partners on trust. Sentimental and financial assets play key part in our emotions.

Human Privacy Wall

The one amazing ability of how intelligently humans are engineered. When new information enters into our data memory, we can safely express our true opinions on a matter without escape, even though, humans are not designed to keep secrets. The intelligence then decide which channels we require to adopt, in order for your say to be heard. We commonly express such behaviours in expressions such as “in my opinion, I have a say, I must be heard etc”.

In terms of data, the complex neurons and our ability to compute and analyse critically and that too at a very fast speed. Once our intelligence has framed the new knowledge or emotion, only then we react and our reaction mainly falls into two categories (i) agreement or (ii) disagreement.

This makes humans very different specie, biased, and data encryption experts. There several experiments carried out, how we transform emotions from one person to another, or into communities, irrespectively of the interaction stage.

Can we safely say, that everyone is a data scientist when it comes to the study of emotions?

Data Doc30

The best shape of unbiasedness is charity, non-for profit causes. NPO heavily rely on donations. There is no better cause than improving lives of the underprivileged in our societies globally.

Charities and Causes

Let’s assume humans are highly unpredictable due to their complex intelligence. There is an un-identified identity in the matrix. This identity is recognised as “soul”, “second brain” or “the being” which we carry within ourselves.

We do not necessarily agree on most exchanges, either commercial or personal. But there are certain “codes” which are universal or may be genetic. These codes are commonly and widely present in our matrix.

Charity is one of the code, where everyone unanimously are in agreement. Probably, non-for-profit aspect address the discomforts. Contributions doesn’t require a currency. The exchange might take place between our conscious awareness and the unconscious. That’s why, we will always fall short in translating the charitable work we conduct.

Not every cause receive the same participation. It took years for Imran Khan to build a cancer hospital in Pakistan. There is no short cut, we can not cut down the squares for a quick fix, while promoting noble causes.

If the scale of impact can be framed to ONE cause. The same frame can be applied and replied globally. The effectiveness will not be compromised. Do not dilute your niche or data frames. Remember, frame small but frame effectively, focus on your cause, tell stories and do not be quite. Re-production of content is not criminal as long as you are consistent with your core message. Engage through creative means, be heard and be visible while preaching and promoting the same consistent cause.

Start conversations – engage your list

Conversations are the best source of donation to charities. The more people are discussing your stories and causes, the donations will allow you to shape more lives, as the previous small impact had brought explanation joy to donors. Use your list, engage your donors while expressing your emotions.

Charity is ever so essential. It has always been. In fact, all the main religions enforce this activity as a noble virtue.

This noble trade must follow organic journey, the organic journey starts with a vision. Vision statements are extremely important, why don’t we pursue a vision of ONE contribution locally or globally?

Imran Khan was successful organically because he was a celebrity, but most importantly, promoting a very noble cause with an amazing story of his mother. The success of his organic approach with a consistent message and amazing story, could be answered with the following question.

If you don’t believe in one consistent charitable message, starting from a city, then share your opinion of the following?

Cancer hospital in any city of the world? How long will it take Imran Khan to raise funds for it? and that globally? Imagine the power of one story and organic growth.

Data Doc30

Now consider the impact of one consistent message and amazing story?

Promote one niche charity, with dedicating your heart and soul to the cause. Unless you are Bill Gates, then you can certainly go global and in many niches.

Whatever structure and arrangement we argue, charity is a noble trade. The purpose of exchange is not-for-profit, and mainly driven by our intentions. Quantity of the contribution is irrespective. Do not disorder whatever good you are creating today, leverage on it, by sharing data emotions. Share stories, engage your audience. Access available grants and start promoting those emotions you care and you see yourself as a positive contributor. Be informed by data with a consistent and true message.

May the creator guide you through His knowledge and power you from His might. Ameen. Continue to shape lives!

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