ONE thing in Data

You would have read many articles, books and even attended courses, teaching the importance of focusing on ONE thing.

I don’t think human nature can be taught on any particular subject, because the magic is not in the script, it is you! Once you have accepted yourself and the ability to change and improve, then you do not need magic.

People who have learned knowledge through emotions, whether knowingly or unknowingly are the ones who are making an impact on other lives.

Theory is easy, we can draw or build unbelievable art but there is always a loss in translation. As long as you are consistent with your messages, all your crude lines will make sense.

Emotions can not be wrong. The expression of a feeling can not be wrong. Remember, the heros of one group are the enemies of another. Who is right and wrong, that is a discussion for another day!

Today is yours, and yours to focus on ONE thing. I totally understand the frustrations of what that ONE thing is? This feeling is similar when you attend a course and come out empty.

Addressing, why so much time and knowledge is wasted without an impact, and whoever is the culprit will understand deeply inside in their hearts on the whys and dos.

Always make new mistakes, do not repeat a mistake

Once you know your data problems, you can slowly fix them one by one. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. As long as your data carries the creator emotions, it will always make sense to those who see your true potential. Stay calm and do your contribution.

ONE thing in data is you, your emotions that you work hard to transform into yourself and your brands. Accept yourself, so that your brand can accept you through emotionsfull data.

Remember, your currency does not fluctuate due to someone’s inability to know your worth. You are the data scientist, you are the guru of your field, and your 100% copyrighted to yourself, so do not look back and make a positive impact to the lives of your fellow human beings.

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“Wajid Khan is a writer and strategist based in London. A former developer, ending up with a doctorate in data while implementing ‘data emotions’ strategies for 100s of SMEs in the United Kingdom. Our focus remains on putting emotions in data, irrespective of the size. Sing up for my free weekly stories on business usage of data and how are we shaping data usage.






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