Politicians and Data: Relevant challenges and endless opportunities

“World will become most beautiful place to live in when we are good judge for our mistakes, and good lawyers for the mistakes of others”

Paulo Coelho

one frame does not fit all.

The above photo showing two Pakistanis on the most prestigious print media — Times Maganize. The cover is usually a slot dedicated to the most influential people across the globe.

Humans are biased by nature. The great Ghani Khan(1914–1996) would say that bias is a mother’s milk to a child (The Pathans). The difference of opinions is probably the by-product of our non-neutral nature. There are times when we have no choice other than to be non-neutral because all expressions are based on prejudice. However, inspiration is always above prejudice. The above two are a source of inspiration for millions across the globe.

Imran Khan

Written expression is only valued when it is witnessed by time. Otherwise, we live in a fiction world, and many creative minds have explored those aspects of our critical thinking.

As we pay tribute to HRH Prince Philip for his outstanding service to the United Kingdom. A true inspiration to millions across the globe. A prince representing a major power on the globe with exemplary statesmanship. If we take all the British people’s good sentiments about HRH Prince Philip, we get the same description for Imran Khan in Pakistan. He is a true hero of the nation.

The political analysis is very unusual around Imran Khan, mainly because of the polarised nature of society as Imran Khan quoted in one of his interviews, the crowd of Lahore (50,000+) shouting in welcoming him on the pitch with slogans such as “Lahore ka tiger” — The lion of Lahore. The next ball, He is out. It took an audience of 50 thousand plus, only one delivery, to change their mind. And that too about their Hero.

Malala Yousafzai

From hero to zero in just one cricket delivery and that too from a large 50 thousand crowd. Leaders or celebrities are perceived very dynamically in Pakistan. I wonder what chances Malala Yousafzai would have to play on the home ground. Malala has a strong away record, and she is widely celebrated in the west. As Imran Khan concludes his inning, the other is just about to get started.

No one can safely predict tomorrow. Malala would know this better than anyone when she was very close to her death. This reminds me of a verse from the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran. Baqarah part of Verse 286

“Allah does not require of any soul more than what it can afford.”

What is meant for us will shape us. It has certainly shaped Malala Yousafzai. For her outstanding voice on women’s education and her charity contributions through Malala’s fund. This hero of Pakistan is widely cheered in the west.


Two heroes of Pakistan.
Malala Yousafzai — excellent global profile
Imran Khan — Prime Minster, a true inspirational hero

Malala is young and plays long
Imran Khan is in his prime as the beloved leader of the nation.

Leaders are the by-product of inspiration. Causes that are outcomes of inspiration will always get acceptance in one or the other form. True leaders will always work toward influence and justice.

The challenges for Imran Khan are enormous given the situation and his life span. Just like Ertugrul Bey in ‘Resurrection of Ertugrul’ — Netflix series. Imran Khan will never give up on influence and justice. Education, transparency, accountability, and quick access to justice are major challenges, but data can assist in all aspects of governance.

Malala is a champion of education. The biggest challenge for her to get recognition at home. In short, educating 200 million Pakistanis on her cause through the Malala’s Fund or otherwise.

If Malala Yousafzai was unable to impress Pakistanis, she might continue her struggle through her influence in the West. A role in United Nation is so ever-evident. Values are natural and inspiration is consistently reminding the necessity. However, proper training is ever so essential. For example, If Imran Khan had a chance to lead organisation like United Nation, he would have greater chances of governing more effectively. Through western education and experience, Malala could potentially be a very good candidate in politics.

Leaders are gifted species, they do not require training because they always find their ways through dedication and bold decision capabilities. There are people in Pakistan who hate Imran Khan for other reasons. These are mainly political rivalry-driven discomforts. Even the great Nawaz Sharif (political opponent) was once a fan. The day he became the Prime of Pakistan, there is no looking back, he will always come out as a winner, simply because of the inspiration he is carrying.

How Imran Khan can measure the impacts of his policies. While the very foundation of politics in developing countries is steered towards illusion and corruption. If he can pass these hurdles, there is every chance of making it into the history books. Leading a movement based on justice and changing the fate of Pakistan.

The measurability of the data impact can be traced. Provided it is addressed at the policy-making stage. Leaders never lie so do data.






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