Press Release April 2021: Bluecoin

A few things about fake ICOs and crypto-currency coins. Those of you who are not aware of crypto-currency. A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored on the distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain.

On the exercise scale, imagine if you have the power to create a digital asset in the Blockchain backed by over 10 thousand banks. These banks are called crypto-exchanges. There is a new exchange every single week, if not days. The nature of facilitation in the Blockchain is limitless.

The potential of Blockchain is equally limitless. When GBC (Global Blockchain Consortium was founded in 2017), we clearly defined four key areas. These areas were (I) academia, (ii) industry, (iii) governance, and (iv) audience (users). Through GBC, we engaged partners in the abovementioned areas. However, due to the authorities’ regulatory and non-serious attitude, we restricted our contribution mainly to the literature.

GBC also helped engage with experts in digital assets particularly crypto-currency ICOs (initial coin offerings). It is similar to a stock exchange entry for trade. As identity theft is common in the real world, it is no different in the blockchain world. There are thousands of examples of identity theft in blockchain even the creator is unknown and claimed various times.

Similiarly my team has found, Bluecoin have used my name as their CEO (chief exectutive officer). Twitter accounts and pages published on medium are now suspended. We reported various listings.

You can research this coin(blue coin) further and kindly report appropriately. I believe this could be another fake ICOs that has used crypto-currency as a perfect tool for scamming people. Scams can be at any scale, and bitcoin has just fueled this up to the next level.

Please connect with us while we continue to bring awareness to the blockchain community through GBC. You can write to us at






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