Safe School to Crypto Tamil

I finished my Doctorate Dissertation at the University of Bedfordshire on Christmas Eve, before 2014, with Dr Fiaz Hussain and Professor Edmond Prakash as my supervisors. I was looking forward to a much-needed rest, but Professor had other ideas.

From Left to Right Dr Manoharan Ramachandran, Mr James Gardner and Dr Wajid Khan from the Safe School Project at Lords Cricket Ground on the fourth day of Test Cricket Between England and Pakistan in 2016.

Bournemouth University has begun three doctorate programs funded by us. I started the interviews for over 30 candidates in early May 2015, and Dr Manoharan Ramachandran, better known as Crypto Tamil, was one of them. Before joining the Safe School Transportation project, Crypto Tamil had created an Android application that analyzed drivers’ gestures and behaviour.

In 2019, Dr Ramachandran, aka Crypto Tamil, completed his Fully-Funded Scholarship Doctorate; for his thesis titled. A novel safety transport framework for hired coaches is proposed to address the identified safety issues with Bournemouth University.

Several papers were published due to the study, but most significantly, it resulted in a structured approach that incorporated essential data elements. His research will be used as a textbook when this specialized ‘safe school transportation’ field develops commercially. Instead of looking for alternative ways, Mano opted to join Open University Blockchain research centres.

Mano played an integral part in the foundation of the Global Blockchain Consortium, which I co-founded. He began his career in the crypto-currency space as an entrepreneur and connected with many startups.

On his youtube channel, Crypto Tamil has over 101K subscribers. He put a lot of effort into his early films. When you’re dedicating yourself to a cause, achieving such a milestone is virtually unimaginable.

For the past two years, blockchain has had an ‘air of inevitability about it. It was inevitable that blockchain would eventually get widespread attention. Startup blockchain companies are growing faster than ever; more and more people are switching to blockchain projects; blockchain is even becoming famous in education.

Although blockchain has become popular recently, it’s still not as widely known as the blockchain. Technology is created to make our lives easier and more efficient, so blockchain has a lot of potentials to change the way we live for the better.

Although blockchain technology is only in the beginning stages, it could become a critical tool for improving many aspects of society. There are many promising applications in the evolution stage.

Watch out for this Tamil Champion in the Crypto and Blockchain Space.







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