The Conscious Journey in Competitive Journalism Supported by Data Stories

82% of the world distrusts the media, as per Trust Barometer. The introduction of fake news, inappropriate references, and poor content has fueled the disbelieve.

Journalism is a sacred duty. It comes with a mixed box of surprises that mainly revolves around fame and opinion.

As the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffet would say, “The biggest sin in journalism is a journalist has to start with a working hypothesis, but they don’t always give that up when the facts prove otherwise.”

An interview with Warren Buffett: What Is Wrong With Journalism Today by Jeff Cunningham.

However, there are many good aspects of journalism and mass communication. Journalists are as hungry as anyone to fame, but they are a perfect medium to popularity. An ideal complimentary setup where journalists require content while influencers use them as a medium to acclaim the required acceptance.

As we are open to criticise the media for the mass distrust, it is necessary to acknowledge their contribution. As a data scientist, it is incredibly complicated to hypothesise a theory of new knowledge. Every story of the media or journalist starts with a hypothesis. The same journey as that of an academic while building a research story. Journalists don’t always have time to research, while academics take all their time to make a new theory.

The race to breaking news
Studying data for twenty-odd years in the digital. As we commonly say in the data world, I have realised the importance of the hypothesis, ‘Slow down, take a step back, understand your vision and strategy and take action. But be aware that data never lies.

It is challenging to disconnect data in the digital. Be consistent with your theory and message. It is necessary for unwanted destruction; you have a tight deadline in the race to break whistleblowing news, so decide your priorities aligned with your vision and legacy as a true contributor to this sacred duty on this adventurous road.

The time of self-discovery
The master of hypothesis and the father of modern science, Isaac Newton worked tirelessly on his theories. The matter is the building block of the universe. He was widely celeberated until the arrival of Albert Einstein. Einstein was a genius, a very understatement, for someone who contributed E=MC(square). Energy is the building block of the universe.

But wait a minute.

David Bohm was incredible American physicists (1917-1992). Who contributed unorthodox ideas to quantum theory, neuropsychology and the philosophy of mind.

The summary of David Bohm’s work is highlighted above because quantum physics is far more complex, probably as complex as humans and nature.

The driving force behind our participation in this game of nature is our consciousness. Our awareness to witness the great wonders of the universe and amaze ourselves with the discoveries. Nature rewards those who respond. It is entirely your call to reply to your duty. It is a sacred job because you are an essential conscious being in this beautiful universe.   

Be a Mocopolo of the universe in your conscious journey, be as intrigued as none, and avoid studying law.

Avoid making enemies; true explorers never feel threatened. Having lawyers by your side will help you with quick wins. Remember, when The Great Gandhi was arrested, he did not call any lawyers because only stupid lawyers can fight for great men.  As long as you are on a true journey of your conscious mind, you will be fine because nature is kind. The creation is rarely interrupted. Allah (God) does not interrupt; we are only asked to work in-lined with heart and be a better participant in this beautiful conscious journey.

Nature, not the Creator, gives the reward because there is a scientific explanation of how the character responds to its residents.  The data sample on religious data is that 85% of the world’s population believes in God in some of the other forms.

The structure of the conscious mind is such that it does not require external validation. The simple mantra is that ‘the believers ask no questions, while no answers can satisfy the disbelievers”.

The creation of the conscious mind is a wonder in itself. There is every possibility of engineering behind this creation by the Creator. But it is fair to say that as long as you respond to nature and do your duty, you will be fine. Hope is not out; it is certainly not out in your conscious journey. Mr Morcopolo, be consistent with your discoveries and message; play a positive part to help nature respond to you while you are performing your duty.

Avoid bad stories and replace them with data stories.

Bad stories will always be in high demand because we are good gossipers. Does it matter if your next door is the Prime Minister of your great country? He is not an alien but rather a conscious mind, and nature responded to him. The question is, how you want your heart to respond to you while performing your duty?

Negativity distracts our discovery process; we have to think of tomorrow based on the positive impact we can introduce while performing our duties.

The building block of the universe is consciousness

The only good negative stories do is merely a reference to the character. Use fewer of them in your accounts, be a positive contributor to the point you do not need a lawyer, be a source of inspiration in this discovery of your conscious mind.

Document your conscious journey through data, be consistent with your message. Your duty will make you respond to nature. Be kind and a positive contributor because the Creator and nature are very kind and patient. The discovery is not accidental; the universe has a very wild scientific explanation on our conscious journey.

Use data and document your conscious journey in a positive manner, where the millions applaud you.

Data is the unit of your conscious journey

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The arrangements become more interesting if an academic approach is adopted to your hypothesis—introducing a new theory of a conscious mind.

For a start, while working with your conscious journey, you have to avoid a confirmatory hypothesis in stories that are not supported by widely available scientific data sources. It will eradicate fake news but will multifold the value of your content when nature responds.

I work with journalists globally, helping them build data stories. Be as conscious as the great men mentioned in this article. Share your comments at






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