Fathers Day 2021: What can you learn from your father?

We all have different experiences with our parents and how they raised us. Therefore, it is essential to understand what you can learn from each parent to succeed in life. For example, your mom may give you advice on relationships, while your dad might teach you about sports or cooking. There is no one way to tell which parent has more wisdom than another, so make sure that when talking with them both that you listen carefully.

Reflecting on life, one thing my parents gave me is freedom. For example, my father visited my school only once; but he used to ask for my educational transcripts to validate that freedom is not abused.  

Programming and cricket were running through my veins. My lovely dad didn’t allow computers use due to age and the negative publicity it was receiving. The internet was one of the primary sources of adult content. However, to compensate for the bane, my dad gifted a digital dictionary which was quite handy while learning English.

Jeddah 1998

People usually start documenting memories when life is unsettled. The most crucial aspect in life is to recall your memory on demand. If you do not have recorded memory tracks of your life, the reconstruct will be difficult on the occasion of anamnesis. For example, for a Muslim family with no tracking of incoming and outgoings, how will it be possible to contribute Zakah from their earnings accurately?

Life is far more precious, and the purpose is far more significant. Live wisely. Give each other the space they require, absolute freedom to live life in misery or pride. As a Blockchain visionary, your parents (chains) are essential to your purpose, so keep them safe on your trust wallet. Thank you, Dad, for giving me all the freedom to live my life. You are my hero. Love you to eternity as my lovely children sing to me.

Do not forget to sing to your children; give them the freedom and comfort they require to become a proud source of inspiration. Happy Fathers Day!