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Young people can apply for an award to make their business idea a reality, including a grant for £5,000, a living allowance, and tailored business support.

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Participation framework
Raising funds for your idea and transforming it into a reality is just a side of the frame. Our innovation mantra is ‘Life is an art so draw carefully’. Innovation is not less than an art. We have developed evidence-based data frameworks providing AI-assisted projection of transforming an idea into a digital asset. Get in touch to learn more about our innovation map.

Web 3.0 Data Model – Maximum Visibility

Would you like to know the secret behind how some of the most successful entrepreneurs are able to engage with their audience? It’s a simple strategy that can be used by any online entrepreneur.

It is called “Web 3.0 Data Model” and it allows you to reach thousands of people every day without having to spend hours on social media. You can automate thousands while keeping your business in the know!

The average internet usage is on the rise. We spend approximately 8 hours a day in the digital. As we continue to use our digital devices, we create and consume a vast amount of data. Latest digital devices provide usage statistics on your habits in the digital. However, have you ever considered allocating tedious tasks to a digital pet?

A bot is an artificial intelligence program that performs computer programming tasks for people that are too complicated or time-consuming. The digital world is a strange place, where we spend our days communicating with friends and family members who are often hundreds of miles away. The average person spends anywhere from 8-10 hours per day in the virtual realm; that’s about half their waking life! People have found ways to do technology work for them by using it as an educational tool or encouraging others through donations on sites like Kickstarter. However, what if you could use your phone to complete tedious tasks without having to do any actual physical labour? Recently people have been exploring the idea of assigning routine chores such as grocery shopping via text message (SMS) or social media messaging apps like WhatsApp, which allow one user to send messages graphically rather than typing out words letter by letter.

Data is the most valuable resource. Unfortunately, it’s also tough to mine without help from a computer. The data we really want are those that tell us how much money our company has in their bank account or what percentage of people visited this website to make an order on Amazon? These types of information can allow businesses to know when they should invest more time and resources into social media marketing efforts like Facebook ads because there was a spike in events related to them occurring (i.e., increased web traffic). Companies must marry critical data with intelligent systems so workers don’t get frustrated by manually doing tasks. In contrast, smart machines do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, making your business run smoother than ever before!

Download Data Slides PDF

What if you could engage with your online fans in a way that would increase the number of followers? Let’s say every day, instead of going on social media and tweeting or posting something to get people involved like most entrepreneurs do, think about what data strategies you can use. You might want to automate thousands by using this technique!

What if your business was always in the know? No matter where you are, what machine you use to connect with customers or suppliers. In a world of smart systems (AI + Data), it would be easy for businesses and their teams to have personalized digital engagements that bring them closer together than ever before.

If you can take one lesson from this document, that would be your data strategy. Still complicated? Try documenting your repetitive digital tasks.

Do you have a data content calendar?
How are you publishing and measuring digital/offline content?
How are you automating your digital engagements?
Are you consistent with your message?

Our data model can automatically acquire scattered information and find your gem as you instructed. Furthermore, tasks such as interest emails can be automated from delivery to analytics (data capture and processing funnels).

Nudge On Your Data Strategy.

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We help you build your data story and provide necessary managed or non-managed solutions while optimising data practices for a maximum reach and visibility of your digital assets.

Freelancers and Data – UK/Pakistan

We are academically studying the freelance market in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and other emerging nations. The workforce policy while meeting supply and demands in the United Kingdom.

Talent Hunting – Paid pilot research data experiments.

New knowledge introduces new theories, all theories are based on hypothesis; however, with the arrival of data and the vast capability of artificial intelligence, arguments supported through small data-centric experiments will assist in the innovation journey.

Life is an art, draw your lines carefully and scientifically

Digital and particularly the existing natural disaster has changed our approach to life. E-learning has given a new meaning to distance learning education models. We are on a journey by bridging the skill gaps and actively participating in knowledge transfer programs, mainly P.hDs. However, we wish to engage with content writers (published elsewhere digitally), python codes, data scrapers, data loggers (particularly weblogging (tracking user journey on websites and apps) and other full-stack developers. If you are good at UI tools such as Figma and HTML/CSS experience, we might have work for you.

We are also recruiting the same skillset in the United Kingdom while giving an international experience to both communities. We are on a mission of creating data stories in the digital. Come and say ‘hi’ and participate for a better chance. Be part of the data team and send your CV with a brief introduction. Participate in a data change. Please send your CV to the admin team at hello ‘at’ wajidkhan info subject line from above

Ease After Hard-work – Be The Voice Of Reasoning And Logic

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In the Christian calendar, described as 30/09/1442.

This whole month, Muslims worldwide do not eat or drink during the hours of sunrise and sunset. In the west, approximately 18-19 hours of no intake to your stomach. However, in the hot countries and particularly developing world the life is in a very awkward stage.

The absence of education has fueled the non-skilled workforce in most of the Islamic world, where you have to go through extreme conditions to survive and live an honourable life. From an academic perspective, it is a known fact that Muslims worldwide are suffering deep and wide. Steve is likely to be recruited compared to Muhammad in our civilised society or, say, the developed world. Imagine you are practising Islam and living the most underprivileged life under extreme conditions.  The Magnificent Creator adds another burden on restricting the activities—for example, food intake.

Sleep is always disturbed in Ramadan for Muslims. In short, humid weather (in most Muslim world), hard labour (working for over 10 hours in extreme conditions), and that too fasting. In short, the month of Ramadan is a tough time of the year for working-class Muslims. But it is equally rewarding as there are many scientific explanations for what fasting does to your immune system and the body overall.

Quran 94:5 فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
Indeed, there is ease after hardship.

Eid is a perfect illustration of this pendulum.

The grass is greener where you water it.

Be the voice of reasoning.

Scientists will always avoid showing or sharing their spiritual journey because their reasoning is the science, not unknown forces. Nature and humanism is a religion practised by atheist’s scientist. Nature is not the enemy is a well-known fact. However, the question remains unanswered how friendly humans are to mother nature. While we are residing on the most friendly planet in our universe, remaining quiet is as difficult as stopping gravity.

The explanation of gravitational force is probably as unexplained as our spiritual journey; no one knows what happens after we die? The unknown is truly unknown.

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Discoveries are not accidental but the product of outstanding reasoning and observation. But, as a human, how can you make exceptional reasoning while observing mother nature? or at least your surroundings, or perhaps your livelihood.

In the ninth month of the business calendar, your business has done well or struggling—the pendulum of ease and hardship. But, perhaps, the journey between difficulty and comfort is a wonder and a pleasurable experience.

Continue to take humanistic, nature-friendly and spiritual decisions to balance your pendulum of ease and hardship. Nature is rewarding so is the Creator, be mindful of the underprivileged. Making the lives of other human beings is very much the purpose of your life.

Finally, be spiritually connected; if you live in a spiritual world, imagine everyone connected to the source. Then, all you need to do is to get more connections 😊  while not losing your signal.

May the spiritual Lord be on your side; be an explorer of reasoning, with logic and a structured approach. Just do not be quiet. Indeed, there is ease after hardship.

EID MUBARAK – Wajid Khan

The Conscious Journey in Competitive Journalism Supported by Data Stories

82% of the world distrusts the media, as per Trust Barometer. The introduction of fake news, inappropriate references, and poor content has fueled the disbelieve.

Journalism is a sacred duty. It comes with a mixed box of surprises that mainly revolves around fame and opinion.

As the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffet would say, “The biggest sin in journalism is a journalist has to start with a working hypothesis, but they don’t always give that up when the facts prove otherwise.”

An interview with Warren Buffett: What Is Wrong With Journalism Today by Jeff Cunningham.

However, there are many good aspects of journalism and mass communication. Journalists are as hungry as anyone to fame, but they are a perfect medium to popularity. An ideal complimentary setup where journalists require content while influencers use them as a medium to acclaim the required acceptance.

As we are open to criticise the media for the mass distrust, it is necessary to acknowledge their contribution. As a data scientist, it is incredibly complicated to hypothesise a theory of new knowledge. Every story of the media or journalist starts with a hypothesis. The same journey as that of an academic while building a research story. Journalists don’t always have time to research, while academics take all their time to make a new theory.

The race to breaking news
Studying data for twenty-odd years in the digital. As we commonly say in the data world, I have realised the importance of the hypothesis, ‘Slow down, take a step back, understand your vision and strategy and take action. But be aware that data never lies.

It is challenging to disconnect data in the digital. Be consistent with your theory and message. It is necessary for unwanted destruction; you have a tight deadline in the race to break whistleblowing news, so decide your priorities aligned with your vision and legacy as a true contributor to this sacred duty on this adventurous road.

The time of self-discovery
The master of hypothesis and the father of modern science, Isaac Newton worked tirelessly on his theories. The matter is the building block of the universe. He was widely celeberated until the arrival of Albert Einstein. Einstein was a genius, a very understatement, for someone who contributed E=MC(square). Energy is the building block of the universe.

But wait a minute.

David Bohm was incredible American physicists (1917-1992). Who contributed unorthodox ideas to quantum theory, neuropsychology and the philosophy of mind.

The summary of David Bohm’s work is highlighted above because quantum physics is far more complex, probably as complex as humans and nature.

The driving force behind our participation in this game of nature is our consciousness. Our awareness to witness the great wonders of the universe and amaze ourselves with the discoveries. Nature rewards those who respond. It is entirely your call to reply to your duty. It is a sacred job because you are an essential conscious being in this beautiful universe.   

Be a Mocopolo of the universe in your conscious journey, be as intrigued as none, and avoid studying law.

Avoid making enemies; true explorers never feel threatened. Having lawyers by your side will help you with quick wins. Remember, when The Great Gandhi was arrested, he did not call any lawyers because only stupid lawyers can fight for great men.  As long as you are on a true journey of your conscious mind, you will be fine because nature is kind. The creation is rarely interrupted. Allah (God) does not interrupt; we are only asked to work in-lined with heart and be a better participant in this beautiful conscious journey.

Nature, not the Creator, gives the reward because there is a scientific explanation of how the character responds to its residents.  The data sample on religious data is that 85% of the world’s population believes in God in some of the other forms.

The structure of the conscious mind is such that it does not require external validation. The simple mantra is that ‘the believers ask no questions, while no answers can satisfy the disbelievers”.

The creation of the conscious mind is a wonder in itself. There is every possibility of engineering behind this creation by the Creator. But it is fair to say that as long as you respond to nature and do your duty, you will be fine. Hope is not out; it is certainly not out in your conscious journey. Mr Morcopolo, be consistent with your discoveries and message; play a positive part to help nature respond to you while you are performing your duty.

Avoid bad stories and replace them with data stories.

Bad stories will always be in high demand because we are good gossipers. Does it matter if your next door is the Prime Minister of your great country? He is not an alien but rather a conscious mind, and nature responded to him. The question is, how you want your heart to respond to you while performing your duty?

Negativity distracts our discovery process; we have to think of tomorrow based on the positive impact we can introduce while performing our duties.

The building block of the universe is consciousness

The only good negative stories do is merely a reference to the character. Use fewer of them in your accounts, be a positive contributor to the point you do not need a lawyer, be a source of inspiration in this discovery of your conscious mind.

Document your conscious journey through data, be consistent with your message. Your duty will make you respond to nature. Be kind and a positive contributor because the Creator and nature are very kind and patient. The discovery is not accidental; the universe has a very wild scientific explanation on our conscious journey.

Use data and document your conscious journey in a positive manner, where the millions applaud you.

Data is the unit of your conscious journey

The arrangements become more interesting if an academic approach is adopted to your hypothesis—introducing a new theory of a conscious mind.

For a start, while working with your conscious journey, you have to avoid a confirmatory hypothesis in stories that are not supported by widely available scientific data sources. It will eradicate fake news but will multifold the value of your content when nature responds.

I work with journalists globally, helping them build data stories. Be as conscious as the great men mentioned in this article. Share your comments at

The Immediate Need For Grants Tokens for Innovative Businesses Using Blockchain

Grants Token Supporting Innovative Businesses?

Imagine combining the power of blockchain and the fundraising game through ICOs (tokenised and non-tokenised) or crypto-currency. The purpose of grants token is to back an innovative idea that could potentially adopt a tangible shape not in years but in months.

Innovation supported through grants token – more on this through GBC (Global Blockchain Consortium).

Press Release April 2021: Bluecoin

A few things about fake ICOs and crypto-currency coins. Those of you who are not aware of crypto-currency. A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored on the distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain.

On the exercise scale, imagine if you have the power to create a digital asset in the Blockchain backed by over 10 thousand banks. These banks are called crypto-exchanges. There is a new exchange every single week, if not days. The nature of facilitation in the Blockchain is limitless.

The potential of Blockchain is equally limitless. When GBC (Global Blockchain Consortium was founded in 2017), we clearly defined four key areas. These areas were (I) academia, (ii) industry, (iii) governance, and (iv) audience (users). Through GBC, we engaged partners in the abovementioned areas. However, due to the authorities’ regulatory and non-serious attitude, we restricted our contribution mainly to the literature.

GBC also helped engage with experts in digital assets particularly crypto-currency ICOs (initial coin offerings). It is similar to a stock exchange entry for trade. As identity theft is common in the real world, it is no different in the blockchain world. There are thousands of examples of identity theft in blockchain even the creator is unknown and claimed various times.

Similiarly my team has found, Bluecoin have used my name as their CEO (chief exectutive officer). Twitter accounts and pages published on medium are now suspended. We reported various listings.

You can research this coin(blue coin) further and kindly report appropriately. I believe this could be another fake ICOs that has used crypto-currency as a perfect tool for scamming people. Scams can be at any scale, and bitcoin has just fueled this up to the next level.

Please connect with us while we continue to bring awareness to the blockchain community through GBC. You can write to us at

Politicians and Data: Relevant challenges and endless opportunities

“World will become most beautiful place to live in when we are good judge for our mistakes, and good lawyers for the mistakes of others”

Paulo Coelho

one frame does not fit all.

The above photo showing two Pakistanis on the most prestigious print media — Times Maganize. The cover is usually a slot dedicated to the most influential people across the globe.

Humans are biased by nature. The great Ghani Khan(1914–1996) would say that bias is a mother’s milk to a child (The Pathans). The difference of opinions is probably the by-product of our non-neutral nature. There are times when we have no choice other than to be non-neutral because all expressions are based on prejudice. However, inspiration is always above prejudice. The above two are a source of inspiration for millions across the globe.

Imran Khan

Written expression is only valued when it is witnessed by time. Otherwise, we live in a fiction world, and many creative minds have explored those aspects of our critical thinking.

As we pay tribute to HRH Prince Philip for his outstanding service to the United Kingdom. A true inspiration to millions across the globe. A prince representing a major power on the globe with exemplary statesmanship. If we take all the British people’s good sentiments about HRH Prince Philip, we get the same description for Imran Khan in Pakistan. He is a true hero of the nation.

The political analysis is very unusual around Imran Khan, mainly because of the polarised nature of society as Imran Khan quoted in one of his interviews, the crowd of Lahore (50,000+) shouting in welcoming him on the pitch with slogans such as “Lahore ka tiger” — The lion of Lahore. The next ball, He is out. It took an audience of 50 thousand plus, only one delivery, to change their mind. And that too about their Hero.

Malala Yousafzai

From hero to zero in just one cricket delivery and that too from a large 50 thousand crowd. Leaders or celebrities are perceived very dynamically in Pakistan. I wonder what chances Malala Yousafzai would have to play on the home ground. Malala has a strong away record, and she is widely celebrated in the west. As Imran Khan concludes his inning, the other is just about to get started.

No one can safely predict tomorrow. Malala would know this better than anyone when she was very close to her death. This reminds me of a verse from the Holy Quran.

Holy Quran. Baqarah part of Verse 286

“Allah does not require of any soul more than what it can afford.”

What is meant for us will shape us. It has certainly shaped Malala Yousafzai. For her outstanding voice on women’s education and her charity contributions through Malala’s fund. This hero of Pakistan is widely cheered in the west.


Two heroes of Pakistan.
Malala Yousafzai — excellent global profile
Imran Khan — Prime Minster, a true inspirational hero

Malala is young and plays long
Imran Khan is in his prime as the beloved leader of the nation.

Leaders are the by-product of inspiration. Causes that are outcomes of inspiration will always get acceptance in one or the other form. True leaders will always work toward influence and justice.

The challenges for Imran Khan are enormous given the situation and his life span. Just like Ertugrul Bey in ‘Resurrection of Ertugrul’ — Netflix series. Imran Khan will never give up on influence and justice. Education, transparency, accountability, and quick access to justice are major challenges, but data can assist in all aspects of governance.

Malala is a champion of education. The biggest challenge for her to get recognition at home. In short, educating 200 million Pakistanis on her cause through the Malala’s Fund or otherwise.

If Malala Yousafzai was unable to impress Pakistanis, she might continue her struggle through her influence in the West. A role in United Nation is so ever-evident. Values are natural and inspiration is consistently reminding the necessity. However, proper training is ever so essential. For example, If Imran Khan had a chance to lead organisation like United Nation, he would have greater chances of governing more effectively. Through western education and experience, Malala could potentially be a very good candidate in politics.

Leaders are gifted species, they do not require training because they always find their ways through dedication and bold decision capabilities. There are people in Pakistan who hate Imran Khan for other reasons. These are mainly political rivalry-driven discomforts. Even the great Nawaz Sharif (political opponent) was once a fan. The day he became the Prime of Pakistan, there is no looking back, he will always come out as a winner, simply because of the inspiration he is carrying.

How Imran Khan can measure the impacts of his policies. While the very foundation of politics in developing countries is steered towards illusion and corruption. If he can pass these hurdles, there is every chance of making it into the history books. Leading a movement based on justice and changing the fate of Pakistan.

The measurability of the data impact can be traced. Provided it is addressed at the policy-making stage. Leaders never lie so do data.

6 Data Leadership Challenges

We are not data ready; the unpreparedness is so ever evident and visible. There is a complete disorder and disfunction while dealing with data problems. The app-centric inclination strategies are fuelling this up, along with vision conflicts. But whatever is meant to happen, will transpire irrespective of our reactions. Hence why, 88% of high exec see disruption as a red alert. We have seen disruption on a scale.

It did not take satoshi long to cross the trillion-dollar mark. I mean, the blockchain revolution. The world is becoming a fair field, where no one has an advantage over the others.  The sad fact is, we are still far behind, and organisations that ignore the data-centric approach will continue to suffer.  The fall and rise will continue it is a natural process.

Organisational Challenges

When organisations are challenged on data strategies, they come up with genial comments.

congenial comments list { 😊}  
We are going digital
We are looking into big data
Buying new shiny software
Data governance introduction
Introducing some architectural changes
New amazing CRM or ERP being built
Data management infrastructure
New state of the art storage facility

And the most famous line from data leaders
Data people or IT will sort this out.

We are not data ready

The above is sad news, but what can you tell a “lion” who is lost in Walmart’s superstore. The basket might be full of unnecessary things, or the lion is clueless and comes out empty-handed.

When it comes to technology, humans are not different. The leaders could potentially be classed as lions. I must say before you decide to jump onto a data superstore, ensure that your shopping list is not a waste. Do not produce or buy, which you are not going to utilize.

Imagine, you have recently passed your driving test, and were asked by a friend to drive 100+ MPH, you would think twice about whether to accept or deny the challenge. The response will depend on the experience of the driver and most probably on his or her age. Because we carry strong emotional intelligence which summarises and disciplines our reaction to certain situations.

When leaders are challenged, they investigate the problem with two spectacles (i) the problem frame and (ii) the emotional intelligence (experience frame).

Unfortunately, we no longer have the time to investigate important affairs of our lives. Hence why we rely on external entities for our survival. The full episode covers the above aspect on the data leadership subject.


How Charities Can Armour Data Emotions Ability In The Digital?

Charities functions just like corporates. They too are dependent on digital channels. Digital makes a perfect medium for conveying stories on the social and important causes. As people spend more time in the digital, it is a perfect season to frame your causes and stories. Let the world know of the values and great causes you are promoting.

Digital frustrations

Tools and mediums in the digital are open for everyone. For instance, big players such as Google and Facebook provide grants for charity promotion. These grants are available through monthly credit into your advertising account. The marketing spend credit is a non-repayable grant. Imagine the power of 10K+ new donors interested in your causes, and that too every month. Your charity could potentially use this ONE medium for conveying a consistent message, filled of emotions. Google Grants Link

The common phrase in the corporate world when expressing frustration. I have a keen appreciation for the irony of fate!

“Each one worse than the next”.


At that moment, you are carrying negative emotions to the next activity. It is necessary, to acknowledge there is a thin line between our inabilities and expectations.

Data does not lie. It does not discriminate. The reality is, data doesn’t know race. Data is just digits, holding parts of our emotions. For example, our Facebook or Instagram account or LinkedIn. We store our personal emotions as we keep our money in the bank.

The mojo is trust two things. God, and our data full of emotions.

Data Doc30

Emotions are clever they chose partners on trust. Sentimental and financial assets play key part in our emotions.

Human Privacy Wall

The one amazing ability of how intelligently humans are engineered. When new information enters into our data memory, we can safely express our true opinions on a matter without escape, even though, humans are not designed to keep secrets. The intelligence then decide which channels we require to adopt, in order for your say to be heard. We commonly express such behaviours in expressions such as “in my opinion, I have a say, I must be heard etc”.

In terms of data, the complex neurons and our ability to compute and analyse critically and that too at a very fast speed. Once our intelligence has framed the new knowledge or emotion, only then we react and our reaction mainly falls into two categories (i) agreement or (ii) disagreement.

This makes humans very different specie, biased, and data encryption experts. There several experiments carried out, how we transform emotions from one person to another, or into communities, irrespectively of the interaction stage.

Can we safely say, that everyone is a data scientist when it comes to the study of emotions?

Data Doc30

The best shape of unbiasedness is charity, non-for profit causes. NPO heavily rely on donations. There is no better cause than improving lives of the underprivileged in our societies globally.

Charities and Causes

Let’s assume humans are highly unpredictable due to their complex intelligence. There is an un-identified identity in the matrix. This identity is recognised as “soul”, “second brain” or “the being” which we carry within ourselves.

We do not necessarily agree on most exchanges, either commercial or personal. But there are certain “codes” which are universal or may be genetic. These codes are commonly and widely present in our matrix.

Charity is one of the code, where everyone unanimously are in agreement. Probably, non-for-profit aspect address the discomforts. Contributions doesn’t require a currency. The exchange might take place between our conscious awareness and the unconscious. That’s why, we will always fall short in translating the charitable work we conduct.

Not every cause receive the same participation. It took years for Imran Khan to build a cancer hospital in Pakistan. There is no short cut, we can not cut down the squares for a quick fix, while promoting noble causes.

If the scale of impact can be framed to ONE cause. The same frame can be applied and replied globally. The effectiveness will not be compromised. Do not dilute your niche or data frames. Remember, frame small but frame effectively, focus on your cause, tell stories and do not be quite. Re-production of content is not criminal as long as you are consistent with your core message. Engage through creative means, be heard and be visible while preaching and promoting the same consistent cause.

Start conversations – engage your list

Conversations are the best source of donation to charities. The more people are discussing your stories and causes, the donations will allow you to shape more lives, as the previous small impact had brought explanation joy to donors. Use your list, engage your donors while expressing your emotions.

Charity is ever so essential. It has always been. In fact, all the main religions enforce this activity as a noble virtue.

This noble trade must follow organic journey, the organic journey starts with a vision. Vision statements are extremely important, why don’t we pursue a vision of ONE contribution locally or globally?

Imran Khan was successful organically because he was a celebrity, but most importantly, promoting a very noble cause with an amazing story of his mother. The success of his organic approach with a consistent message and amazing story, could be answered with the following question.

If you don’t believe in one consistent charitable message, starting from a city, then share your opinion of the following?

Cancer hospital in any city of the world? How long will it take Imran Khan to raise funds for it? and that globally? Imagine the power of one story and organic growth.

Data Doc30

Now consider the impact of one consistent message and amazing story?

Promote one niche charity, with dedicating your heart and soul to the cause. Unless you are Bill Gates, then you can certainly go global and in many niches.

Whatever structure and arrangement we argue, charity is a noble trade. The purpose of exchange is not-for-profit, and mainly driven by our intentions. Quantity of the contribution is irrespective. Do not disorder whatever good you are creating today, leverage on it, by sharing data emotions. Share stories, engage your audience. Access available grants and start promoting those emotions you care and you see yourself as a positive contributor. Be informed by data with a consistent and true message.

May the creator guide you through His knowledge and power you from His might. Ameen. Continue to shape lives!

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