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Wajid Khan is a writer and strategist based in London. A former developer, ending up with a doctorate in data while implementing ‘data emotions’ strategies for 100s of SMEs in the United Kingdom.

Insights on data strategy use cases are available on request. For commercial and partnership enquiries contact us at hello@wajidkhan.info

Hey, Data Doc! You are the best doctor of analysing your own data and emotions!

Everyone is potentially a “data scientist”, when it comes to “emotions” or sharing frustration, where data is nothing more than spam (our unhappy) moments of exchange. No one understands your brand better than YOU!

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Need an opinion on your emotionless data?

say hello@wajidkhan.info, share your data inspiration and emotions or the disconnect on emotionless data!

Open discussion on ‘Data Emotions’ on our upcoming book. Subscribe for a free copy!

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