Reloading emotions into data!

Someone lost in the data!

Yoga is a self-awareness sport, in short emotion awareness! Who you truly are? Accepting yourself before saying a word! When pen is used, every dot we mark on the blank canvas, it transform some form of energy to the outer world – making an announcement. Think twice before any announcement, drawing on the blank canvas of your life. Be consistent with your outcry, irrespective of the audience. You are not doing it for anyone or anything, your own personal imagination is enough for the validation.

Life is nothing more than an art, draw carefully. Produce carefully, with sense of responsibility and there is no better responsibility other than doing good. Just don’t be quite.

Data Doc

I am an academic by blood, but an outlander, the answers are not always within the box, sometimes, we need to make an effort to explorer answers to the many questions we observe without reacting. There is no right or wrong way, and we all are gifted with amazing abilities of our imaginations.

Thought is an expression of prejudice. Inspiration is above prejudice and therefore above thought.

Khan Abdul Ghani Khan (1914-1996)

Follow your heart, follow your inspiration. Be visible and make difference to the many underprivileged.

I have been involved in many disruptive projects, whether working in the Blockchain boom or analysing the meaningless practices that exists around data especially in the developing countries. I thoroughly love clinically analysing the hidden emotional aspects of data, particularly, around commercial exchange.

Follow my blog – on some of the burning issues around emotionless data (spam), while we embark on a trade psychology journey. Share your comments and opinions.

Possibilities and probabilities in data are endless.

Data Doc

All you require to make sense of your imagination and data, and there is no better place to start with emotions, those associated with data creation.

Create and produce as a person of value. The world 🌎 might not be an ideal place, but no one is prepared to die for heaven. While, we are still alive and breathing, let our purpose be our destiny.

As we are here, in this lovely habitat, be visible and not only learn new trades and perspectives but to educate ourselves that the world around us can benefit as a byproduct of our activities and belief.

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